10 Most Expensive Boarding Schools in South Africa and Their Fees 2018

Here’s the list of Top 10 Most Expensive High Schools in South Africa and Their Fees. If by any means you still don’t know what school to choose for your children? Let’s look through the Top 10 of the most expensive boarding schools in South Africa and Their Fees 2018!

This day and age, private educators try to do everything they can to provide standard and quality education for South African children. But the point is that, the better the school is, the higher price it will have, not minding the bad economic condition in the country. When parents can afford any of the available, they enroll their children in private schools rather than the public without any hesitation.

According to Dr Muavia Gallie, independent education consultant, said that the school fees figures present a big challenge for South African families.

The schools listed below reflect what South African parents are paying for a full senior year in 2018. All of them are reported to have achieved a 100% matric pass rate.

There are some schools in South Africa where education fees run in thousands of US Dollars. These schools are exclusively for the rich people, who can afford them.

NB: Our projection is based on their 2017 fees plus a 7.5% increase (the amount by which they increased their fees in the previous year).

Take a look at what South Africa’s most expensive high schools will cost in 2018.

  1. The Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown: R234 640

The Diocesan School for Girls 2018 matric results

Founded in 1874 by Bishop Nathaniel Merriman, DSG is one of the oldest girls’ schools in the country. Situated in spacious grounds in Grahamstown, its campus adjoins its brother school, St Andrew’s College. Their fees as at 2017 was R219,420 but currently R234 640 which is approximately 10% increment in the fees charged in 2018. The Diocesan School for Girls address is Worcester St, Grahamstown, 6139, South Africa. Contact Phone on +27 46 603 4300

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