2018 Ranking of Jamaica’s Top Best 15 High Schools

  1. Wolmer’s Girls High School

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Wolmer’s can boast of being one of the oldest schools in the Caribbean having been founded on May 21, 1729. This was the day John Wolmer made his last will and testament, leaving the bulk of his estate for the foundation of a free school in the parish of his death. The sum of the legacy was £2,360. Wolmer’s Girls High School is one of the oldest schools in the English speaking Caribbean, we are a school of excellence and can boast of many awards in sports & academia. AGE QUOD AGIS. For further enquires you can also contact them on Call +1 876-407-1653.

  1. Hampton High

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Hampton School is an all-girls boarding school situated in Malvern, Jamaica. It is one of the oldest boarding schools in Jamaica, and was founded in 1858, two years after its all-boys counterpart Munro College. Hampton young ladies do not follow trends, they set them. Resolution Project Information.

Hampton High Contact Number: +1 876-966-5161

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