Ben Yeo: Age Son Wife House Family Restaurant & Cookbook

Ben Yeo Son Wife House Family Restaurant and Cookbook

Let’s look at Mediacorp’s Ben Yeo Profile son wife house family restaurant and his Facebook username.

Ben Yeo Real name Ben Yeo
Ben Yeo Age September 23, 1978 (age 39)
Ben Yeo Profession Actor, Musician, Host & Cook
Ben Yeo Talents Hosting, Acting, Singing, Guitar, Cooking,Beach Volleyball
Ben Yeo Cook Book  
Ben Yeo Height 1.75m
Ben Yeo Weight 60kg

Facts You Didn’t Know About Actor Ben Yeo

In the earlier stages of Ben Yeo life, he was said to have been a model before being talent scouted by SNAP, a popular Channel U reality show that was searching for young people with idol good looks.  He emerged winner with his unique Japanese-looking charms.

In the face of the lack of essential formal training in hosting education industry, Ben Yeo natural and approachable demeanour in popular variety programmes such as $2 Wonderfood!, King Of Thrift and Footprints in Malaysia won over audiences both young and old. SHATEC-trained Ben is also a good cook, making him a popular choice for food-themed shows such as I Cook For You.

In addition to his many talents ,Ben Yeo is also a talented actor. He was spotted by a TVB producer after a chance meeting and was immediately cast in a TVB drama Food For Life-Yummy Yummy as one of the male leads, acting alongside popular Hong Kong artistes Kevin Cheng Kar Wing, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung Yi.

A doting father to his young son, Ben divides his time between family, his TV work and his fashion business. In his free time, Ben likes strumming on his guitar. He enjoys music and occasionally performs as a guest of local band group Chou Pi Jiang.

Ben started to work on his first book in 2013 on cooking for kids from his own experience and received very good response.  A popular choice for hosting and acting roles, Ben has carved a wholesome image of a young father who cooks for his kids.

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