Richest Women in Singapore Right Now How They Amassed Their Fortunes

2018 List of The Richest Women in Singapore And their Source Of Wealth. Who is the Wealthiest Women in Singapore. It is no longer news that the richest women in Singapore today are the entertainers, politicians and the business woman. We are going to be focusing on the women here on this article as we reveal the richest women in Singapore 2018 and also, we will be telling you who the richest woman in Singapore is for 2018 and everything you need to know about the female Singapore billionaire.

However, the ranking of these notable wealthy Singaporean women that are in this list are based but not limited to the following factors. The value of the shares they hold in several companies | What the size and market of their shares are in those companies | The number of companies or business establishments owned by these individuals and the monetary value of those companies | The market value of the brand of their companies and | What the impact of their companies is on the Singaporean economy.

4. Chong Phit Lian Net Worth: Salary & Earnings

Chong Phit Lian Net Worth currently makes her one of the top Richest women in Singapore who struggled for years with the harshness of life.Chong Phit Lian Net Worth – CEO of the Singbridge Corporate ($650 million). Chong Phit Lian story begins in a small city called Kulai located in the south of Malaysia, close to Singapore. Ever since she was a child, work has always been her main activity, being mostly on the rubber plantation with her father.

READ: Chong Phit Lian Net Worth: Salary & Earnings 2018

Chong Phit Lian Net Worth

Chong Phit Lian Net Worth $650 million

Notwithstanding the industry that made them famous, our Richest women in Singapore had to face an entire series of good and bad choices but also an increased pressure when taking and important business decision.The wealthiest women in Singapore are invested in diverse sectors and over the years have made a name for themselves as Wonder Women of Singapore

Years passed by and Chong Phit Lian choose to study the Polytechnic Institute in Singapore, a journey that will change her life. During university years, she had to face the hard living and the ugly truth life shows us sometimes, as her father died and money to continue her studies were nowhere to be found.

Working in part time jobs and even borrowing money from relatives, our top Richest women in Singapore celebrity has managed to graduate and to face another cruel reality: death of her two brothers.

Chong Phit Lian’s first job was in the industry of constructions and engineering, a place where her increased desire for work made her achieve managing positions.

The big surprise came in 2006 when she was named the CEO of Jetstar Asia, one of the biggest airways companies in Asia. Having a great success in leading the company to its best goals, Chong Phit Lian moved on to the next level of becoming the CEO of Singbridge Company in 2012, a decision which placed her as one of the Richest women in Singapore.

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