5 Proven Reasons Why Employers Are Rejecting Your CV Without Even Reading It

How long have you been job searching? How many CVs have you sent without hearing back from the employer?

The questions on your mind now would probably be “What is wrong with my CV?” “Is my CV being seen?” “Am I less qualified for all jobs I apply for?”

I sat down with Ms. Muthoni Ndegwa a Recruitment Manager at Corporate Staffing to shed more light on why employers reject CVs without even reading them.

At the end of the day, it could be that you are qualified for a job, but your CV is a total turn off. Here is how;

5. You don’t name your CV appropriately

According to Ms Ndegwa, a majority of CVs fail to get the employer’s approval because of how they are saved.

Think about it; if an employer is receiving thousands of applications on a single position with no proper naming, how are they going to keep track of all the CVs?

To be on the safe side, name your CV accordingly. For this she recommends that you name your CV by your first and last name.

“This will give the recruiter an easier time when short listing and even keep track of all the applicants,” she says.

For instance, you could name your CV as ‘Lilian Wamaitha CV’ or ‘WamaithaCV’.

It’s that simple.

4. Sending your CV as a “forward”

I am not a recruiter but I have had so many of our readers send their CVs to me for a job.

However, the problem is not sending the CV but how you send it.

If you are in the habit of forwarding your CV and I mean from the last one your sent, I am here to tell you that this is one of the mistakes that recruiters don’t forgive easily.

It not only shows a lack of focus but it brings you out as lazy.

I mean, how simple is it to create a completely new email when applying for a job?

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