South African Fire Department Job Vacancies and Recruitment

The South African Fire Department is committed to attracting a field of gender and culturally diverse applicants to ensure its workforce reflects the diversity of the community it serves and protects.

There are many levels of seniority for a firefighter in South Africa, but one has to start at the Junior Fire Fighters level, and then move to successive levels like Fire Fighters, Senior Fire Fighters, Leading Fire Fighter, and Station Officers.

Basic Requirements

Every fire department in South Africa has its own requirements but the basic entry level requirements are:

  • Matric
  • Driving licence  -Code 10 with PrDP
  • Pass a physical test
  • Must not be claustrophobic
  • Must not be afraid of heights

How To Qualify for SA Fire Department Recruitment

If you want to be a fire fighter you need:

  • to be between the ages of 18 and 45 years.
  • a grade 12 and have good written and communications skills.
  • a code 8 drivers licence would be an advantage.
  • You have to be physically fit and pass the physical test. You must be able to:
    • run 2,4km in 11 minutes or less,
    • do 15 bench presses of 25kgs,
    • do a minimum of 30 sit-ups in 1 minute,
    • carry another person of equal body weight on your shoulders for 100m,
    • climb a ladder of 3 stories in 60 seconds and
    • pass a claustrophobia test.

How long does it take to process applications?

From the time you been interviewed, it normally takes about three to four weeks for the HR to get back to you.

Best advice would be to inquire from the officials at the interview.


Once you’re accepted into the Fire Service, to develop the practical and theoretical knowledge.

You’ll need to respond to different kinds of emergencies.

The course is accredited by South African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI) and the training is carried out at one of the Fire Service training centres, which are located throughout the Western Cape.

All training is carried out by qualified instructors who themselves have undergone extensive local and international training.

How much does the South African (SA) Firefighter earn?

SA firefighters average salary is R125,823 per year (R10485.25 monthly) with a bonus of R13,130.

How To Apply

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You can also approach your local fire department in your area or monitor your local newspaper. Example: City Press

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