Discovery Jobs in South Africa 2020 and How to Apply

Discovery is a shared value insurance company whose purpose and ambition are achieved through a pioneering business model that incentivises people to be healthier, and enhances and protects their lives.

Our shared value insurance model delivers better health and value for clients, superior actuarial dynamics for the insurer, and a healthier society.

Do you want to work at Discovery? Finding out how to apply for jobs at big companies can be stressful, which is why we’ve put this article together to show you how to apply for jobs at Discovery.

Applying for jobs at Discovery is actually fairly straightforward. So, if you want to start your career at a company with endless opportunities for you to grow, keep on reading!

  1. Head to the Discovery careers site
  2. Create an account – registering is free and only takes a view minutes
  3. Filter available jobs – you can filter jobs by
    • Province
    • Office location
    • Job Category
  4. View available vacancies
  5. Apply!

Let’s take a closer look at each step:

1. Head to the Discovery careers site

Just click HERE to go to the careers site and get started!

2. Create an account

You’ll need to have an account registered before you can start applying. Fortunately, it is both free and easy to register. Take the time you need to create an account and you’ll be ready to start applying.

3. Filter available jobs

Now that you have an account, you’re ready to get started. The Discovery careers site will ask you to filter jobs based on Province, Office Location and Job Category. Hit search and move on to step 4.

4. View available vacancies

The site will now display a list of the available vacancies based on your filter. Click on the job you want and it will open in a new tab: now you can read through the job description, taking note of the job requirements. And finally…

5. Apply!

Hit “Apply” and, if you’re logged in correctly, your job here is done! Follow the prompts and your application will be in!

So that is how you apply for jobs at Discovery – think you’ve got it down?

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