SAPS Vacancies 2020, Job Opportunities, Guidelines

The SAPS offers careers in various fields. If you join the SAPS you can either become a police official or a civilian employee.

Police officials are employed in terms of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No 68 of 1995).

Civilian employees are employed in terms of the Public Service Act, 1994 (Act No 103 of 1994). Most functional Police Officials are directly involved in preventing, combating or investigating a crime.

The other Police officials and civilian personnel carry out support functions.

Below elaborates the steps involved in recruiting SAPS personnel.

Selection procedure

Selection is usually through shortlisting. The Assessment Centre method is used and consists of individual and group exercises designed to elicit behavior typically associated with the work of senior managers.

Candidates participate while being observed by specially-trained observers (panel members).

The exercises are simulations of police-specific managerial tasks designed to assess managerial competencies.

They include both written material and behavior simulations.

Approval of appointments

Recommendations received from various panels are prepared and presented to the national panel for consideration.

All recommendations are subject to the consideration and approval of the National Commissioner. Appointments on salary level 13 and above are not effective without the endorsement of the National Commissioner.

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