How to Lodge a Claim For UIF Maternity Benefit

You can lodge a UIF claim if your employer goes bankrupt, your contract ends, or you are fired or retrenched. You have to lodge within six months of the date you stopped working.

The first step is going to a department of labour office to sign an unemployment register. You are then required to return every four weeks to sign the register again and show that you still need unemployment benefits.

The relevant forms are available directly from the department’s offices, or you can download them from

You have to go to a department of labour office in person to lodge your UIF claim and you will need the following documents:

. Your green barcoded ID book or passport;

. Proof of your registration as someone who is seeking work (signing the unemployment register at the department of labour’s office);

. A service certificate from your employer;

. A copy of your last six payslips;

. A form filled in with your banking details (form UI-2.8); and

. A form that shows that you are no longer employed (form UI-19).

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