Driving Jobs In South Africa : Code 10, 8 & 14 Job Opportunities

Latest Driving Jobs In South Africa : Driving Job Opportunities in South Africa. First and Foremost, each and every individual who aspires to become a driver at some point in time need to know thee general overview of what the various existing driving codes mean and as well know how to get the driving licence you need. The driving codes can be grouped into three categories.

Individuals who obtain a Code A , A1 or Code 1 licence will be qualified to drive motorcycles only. The second level which includes Code B, EB, Code 8 and Code 2 permits individuals to drive light motor vehicles. Certain codes also allow individuals to drive a minibus, bus or goods vehicle.

Finally a Code C,C1,EC1,EC, Code 10, Code 14 or Code 3 licence allows drivers to operate heavy vehicles. There may be a variation in the vehicle mass depending on the code. If you want to qualify for a driving job you will need to obtain one of the licence codes in the second or third category, depending on the job. The higher the code the more qualified you will be to drive a range of vehicles.

As with any licensing process, potential drivers will need to apply for and pass a learner exam before they can do the road test. Bare in mind that you have to be 18 years or older to apply for a licence in the last two categories.

Latest Driving Vacancies in South Africa

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