Cashier Needed For Job in Canada – Apply Now

Reporting to the Cashier Department Head (or his/her delegates), the Cashier is responsible to provide good service to our customers by building rapport, fulfilling their requests and providing fast and accurate checkout service.

Opportunity Type(s)
  • Part Time

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Create good customer experience via delivering fast and accurate checkout service, prevent possible fraud (PLU # input, Scan merchandise, transaction discrepancies, identify counterfeit/fake cards)
  2. Provide customer with proper packing services (light items on top of heavy items, separation of hot and cold, raw and cooked classification)
  3. Greet customers by providing good customer service with smile, friendly enthusiasm
  4. Timely processing of fresh and frozen goods; prevent and minimize shortages
  5. Record totals of transactions and calculate total payments received during a time period accurately
  6. Monitor checkout stations to ensure that they are well-kept and are working appropriately; maintain checkout area cleanliness
  7. Perform any other duties as assigned by the superior

Attitude Requirements:

  1. Demonstrate job commitment, accountable, reliable
  2. A good team player, able to collaborate with and assist other colleagues
  3. Possess a positive, proactive, self-motivated work attitude
  4. Good attendance record, comply with company’s rules and regulations
Salary for Cashier Job in Canada
  • $11.35/hr

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