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Let’s get to know more about Dennis Chew Biography, Age, Height, Marriage, Michelle, Dennis Chew & Associates. We present to you some fascinating facts about Dennis Chew you probably didn’t know of. Dennis Chew also known as Zhou Chongqing was said to have been born on August 15, 1973 (age 44) in Singapore is a Singaporean radio deejay, actor, variety show host and singer that most readers are familiar with.

The vast majority of readers definitely remember him as being Aunty Lucy, his most famous role which he first portrayed in the variety show “Paris and Milan”. With the famous catchphrase “Aiyoh, so embarrassing” and his comedic actions in character have endeared him with many audiences.

Having the opportunity to be in movies such as “Aunty Lucy Slam Dunk” and “It’s a Great Great World” that have brought him recognition while playing the role of Aunty Lucy. He is also remembered for playing the role of Shun Feng in the recent local drama “118”.

Before Dennis Chew actively made an entrance into the entertainment industry, Dennis Chew was in point of fact a Chinese teacher in schools such as Yumin Primary School and Raffles Girls Primary school.

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Dennis Chew was able to break into the entertainment industry in early year of  2009 for his portrayal of Aunty Lucy and the popularity that came along with his performances as Aunty Lucy not only won him his first award, the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award at the 2010 Star Awards. It also helps him settle debts he incurred due to failed business ventures. The portrayal of Aunty Lucy brought him endorsement deals that helped him tide through his financial troubles.

Dennis Chew Relationship or love life

Dennis Chew on previous interviews disclosed that he is single, but unavailable. He also made mention that romance came when he was 21 when he dated a woman older than him and they were planning to settle down, but that did not work out. At present, he has a partner and their relationship is still going strong and he plans to settle down with her when he feels comfortable with doing so.

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