Documents you’ll need to claim UIF Maternity Benefits

It’s not cheap to have kids in SA. The time you’ll take off work to care for your newborn might be yet another unexpected expense you’ll have to recover in some way. But that’s where maternity benefits come in. You just have to know when and how to claim it!

After the birth of your baby, you will need a total of 8 documents in order to apply for and claim maternity benefits in South Africa. These include:

  • Two recent payslips
  • A bank statement
  • An original ID or passport or a certified copy of either one of these documents
  • Banking details and a completed form UI-2.8
  • A completed UI-2.7 form, completed by your employer, stating a record of all the funds you received as an employee during your time of employment
  • A completed form UI-2.3, which is the UIF Maternity Benefits application form
  • A medical certificate or your baby’s birth certificate as proof that you actually had a baby
  • A completed form UI-4 (follow up form), which ensures the continuation of payment of maternity benefits

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