FNB Vacation Work For Students In Their Final or Penultimate Year

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work at FNB as well as find out about potential career paths for your academic background, vacation work is a great opportunity. Not only will you get real work experience that makes use of your specific knowledge and skill sets, you’ll also get experience across different business units to see what career path will best suit you.

Real work experience means you’ll also get to add real value to what we do at FNB. Find out about what FNB graduates really get up to – how they’re putting their education into practice and what else they’re learning.

If your studies are in faculties such as Science – IT, Statistics or Actuarial Studies – and Engineering and you’re getting close to completing your degree, we’d love to host you and help you find the work that will be most meaningful to you.

We take in students during the June and December holiday periods and applications open during the preceding months. Most opportunities are based at our head office in Johannesburg, but we also host students at various offices across the country, depending on the assignments available. Spaces are limited so make sure to get your application in on time.

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