How To Apply For South African Diplomatic Passport

Steps To Apply For South African Diplomatic Passport

South African Passport officials also issue South African diplomatic Passports. But all citizens of South Africa do not get this Passport. It is so because these are diplomatic passports and only some officials from certain posts of government get this passport. In this article you learn more about who gets this Passport. You now scroll this page to know more about how to get diplomatic passport in South Africa.

Who is eligible to get diplomatic passports of South Africa?

Department of International Relations controls issuance of diplomatic passports. Besides you get diplomatic Passport only when you are on some sort of official purpose. And when Department of International Relations seem it to be in best interests of the county you receive diplomatic passports.

You as applicant must follow procedure to be able to get this Passport. As you continue reading you understand steps to apply for South African diplomatic Passport.

Application process of diplomatic Passport

To apply for Passport under diplomatic category you go to Passport officials and tell them clearly your reasons for applying for Passport in diplomatic passport category in South Africa. You also tell them reasons for getting this Passport.

This is the reason that only Ambassadors can issue diplomatic Passport. There are some other officials who can issue this Passport and they are Adjunct Consul General or Consul General. Hence when you get this passport you be very careful with the way you use it.

On other hand you can also check ways to apply for official Passport in South Africa. (content not yet posted) You get official passport only when you travel on official business. To know more about it you can check above article.

While you got idea about applying for South Africa diplomatic Passport process. To clear doubts on diplomatic Passport you can refer official website of the Republic of South Africa.

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