How To Apply For South African Maxi Tourist Passports

What is maxi tourist Passport?

Maxi tourist Passport is a Passport that only South Africans get. As the name says maxi tourist it means that there are many pages in this Passport. Hence it is useful thing for those people who travel a lot. It is so because there are 48 pages in this Passport. Sponsored Links:

But not all people get this Passport. Even Government of South Africa made some rules regarding issuance of maxi tourist Passport to its citizens. Another feature of maxi tourist passport is that there are extra pages for visas. Whereas rest of the passport is same like regular South African tourist passports.

How to get South African maxi tourist Passport

  • To receive maxi passport in South Africa you first fill application form
  • Maxi Passport application form is Form DHA 73
  • You get this form online or at Home Affairs Department offices in South Africa
  • After filling maxi Passport form you attach document
  • Documents are original ID and copy of ID card
  • When applicant is below 16 years then attach birth certificate and copy of birth certificate
  • In case of applicants of under 18 years then consent of parents is necessary
  • Also attach Form DHA 529 (if applying from abroad)
  • Attach two colour photos, existing Passport (if there)
  • And finally go personally to South African Passport office to submit form and pay fees

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