How To Apply for South African Tourist Passport

Steps To Apply for South African Tourist Passport

South African Passport authorities also issue tourist passports.  While South African authorities issue these passports to South Africa citizens only. So others cannot apply for tourist Passport in South Africa. Moreover only if you are 16 years or older than that then you get tourist Passport. Keep scrolling this page to know more.

Get tourist passport in South Africa in easy steps

Now you can get tourist passport in simple easy steps. But for this you must follow official rules because these rules make work trouble free. Another most important aspect is that you can never renew South African passports. Thus you must always apply for new South African Passport only.

You can now continue reading to know application process of getting tourist Passport. Besides you have idea of validity of this passport. Sponsored Links:

Steps to apply for tourist Passport

  • To get tourist Passport you fill Form DHA 73
  • This form is tourist Passport application form
  • After filling form attach original ID card and copy of ID card
  • In addition you attach two colour photos only
  • Last you pay South African tourist Passport fee in person at Passport office

Validity of South African tourist Passport

Tourist Passport is valid for 10 years. While this validity counts from date of issue. And when your Passport validity is over then you apply for new Passport in South Africa.

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