How To Get South African Passport For A Child

Steps To Get Child South African Passport

South African passport is an important document that you should have if you wish to travel. Moreover passport is a must when you travel to other countries. While it is responsibility of South African Government to issue South African passports. Even when you are less than 16 years old you should have a Passport. So to help you here we listed method to apply for child South African passport.

Who gets child South African Passport?

South African Passports are easy to get. And when it is tourist Passports then even people who are below 16 years old can get it. Thus children who are between 15 years and less than that get tourist passports.

Or they can term them to be child South African Passports. Apart from this you should know some more points regarding child passports issuance in South Africa. You can continue reading to know about it. Sponsored Links:

Get child South African passport

If you wish to get child South African passport then you must remember some things. Below you can see important points listed –

Steps to apply for passport for person who is less than 16 years

Below you find steps for applicants who are less than 16 years old (between 15 years and less than that). You follow all these steps if you wish to get children South African Passport –

  • You will use Form DHA 73 to get child passport
  • You also attach original identity document and one copy of ID card
  • Or you may attach birth certificate of child and copy of birth certificate also (but it is in case of child Passport only)
  • Further you attach two colour photos
  • See to it that you attach recent photos only
  • When you complete above stated things then you pay passport fee

You must go to South African passport office to apply for a passport. In case you do not know where is passport office then you check another article. Know South African passport Home Affairs offices. (did not post content) On other hand if you are in other countries then you go to South African embassy or mission.

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