How to Request For Capitec Bank e-Statement

Get password protected Capitec Bank statements delivered straight to your inbox. Not only are these eStatements more secure than paper, but they’re also a great way to reduce filing and help you do your bit to support the environment.

How Capitec Bank Statement Works

What you get

  • A regular electronic statement via email
  • Secure and paperless alternative
  • The ability to manage and save your eStatement in one easy-to-access location on a computer
  • The capability to update your statement options at any point

How to get Capitec Bank Statement

  • Register for eStatements by using Internet Banking, Telephone Banking or visiting your nearest branch.
  • To open your eStatements you will need to download and install the Striata Reader and Adobe Reader. Links to both of these products will also be provided in the cover mail of your eStatement.
  • Your eStatement will be delivered to your email inbox as an .emc file attached to the email.
  • For security reasons, you will be prompted to enter a password to open the file.
  • Once you’ve registered for electronic statements you will receive a welcome email that will contain the requirements needed to receive and view your eStatement.

Keep track of debit orders

Knowing which debit orders go off from your account helps you keep track of your money. It also helps you pick up any possible fraudulent activity on your account such as unauthorised debit orders.

Capitec Bank Statement

Your bank statement can tell you a lot about your banking behaviour and how you manage your money. Here’s what you can learn from yours.

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