List of Different Types of South African Passports

South African child passport

South African passport authorities issue passports to children as well. However these children must be citizens of South Africa. While here child is considered who is 15 years old or less than 15 years old. Application process for this is also simple and easy.

South Africa emergency travel certificate

This is second type of South Africa Passport which is also known as South Africa emergency Passport. You get this passport only when you require Passport on urgent basis. Here emergency can be either sickness, death or other emergency cases. Also know how to getĀ South Africa emergency Passport. (did not post content) Sponsored Links:

South African regular Passport

You may call them as regular passports or adult South African passports. As the name says it you get this Passport only if you are South African citizen. Besides this you must be either 16 years old or more than that. There is also separate documentation for this kind of Passport.

Maxi passport for South Africa citizens

Maxi Passport or maxi tourist Passport is name of this kind of Passport. Basically frequent travellers get maxi passport. On other hand there is no difference between maxi and regular Passport. But there is only one difference and it is that maxi Passport has extra pages.

In this way you do not have to apply for passport again and again. Plus you do not worry about renewing your Passport.

Apart from above stated passports there are other two passports as well. You can keep reading to know more about it below.

Diplomatic passport issuance in South Africa

This is fifth type of Passport that officials or rather diplomats receive. Authorities from South African Passport department give diplomatic passports only to diplomats and consuls. Further this solely relates to work related travel. Even dependants of diplomats get diplomatic Passport only when they follow all rules and regulations.

South Africa official Passport

Like other countries South Africa issues official passports. However authorities give this kind of Passport only to government institutions or government officials and it is only when they travel on official business. In this way officials do not apply for regular passports. Additionally there are many other rules that apply when you go ahead with official Passport.

LearnĀ documents required for South African passports. (content to be posted)

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