List of Documents for Regular South African Passport

To apply for a Regular South African Passport you also have to submit some documents. These documents help authorities to determine background of passport applicant.

Thus it becomes very important for you to submit these documents. In this article you know documents required for a Regular South African Passport.

Complete List of documents for regular South African Passport

  • Completed DHA 73 form
  • DHA 529 form in some cases only
  • You must fill DHA 9 form as well
  • Divorce decree
  • Request to change surname in writing
  • Notarized marriage certificate
  • Copy of South African Passport, certificate of naturalization and copy of exemption or retention letter and they should be notarized as well
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Police Report for loss of Passport

Points to remember

Generally you submit two sets of application. Here one set is with original application forms along with documents. While other one is copy of completed set. Besides you must go in person to submit South African Passport form as Passport issuing authorities check all details. They only forward your application after verifying all details in Passport form

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