Ongoing Job Vacancy Recruitment At Comair

Job Description:

Cabin Attendants are required to ensure customer satisfaction while adhering to required safety standards on board all Comair flights.

Key Performance Areas:

* To meet diverse customer expectations in line with service excellence standards.
* To adhere to CAA & company regulations in order to ensure safety and maintain standards.
* To follow internal processes and procedure to ensure on time departure.
* To update and maintain knowledge in line with company regulations.
* To manage personal appearance and behaviour as an ambassador for the company brand.


* Grade 12
* With English D symbol for 1st language or C symbol for 2nd language (Essential)
* Level 4 with accredited English proficiency test* OR Valid and current CAA Cabin Attendant license (Desirable) *as per CAA regulations
* 3 Years Post Matric Customer Service Experience (Essential) OR 18 months experience as a cabin attendant (Essential)

Additional Details:

Purpose and context of the job: To ensure customer satisfaction while adhering to required safety standards on board all Comair flights.The Cabin Services Department consists of the Service Delivery Manager, Cabin Services Fleet Manager, Cabin Crew Managers, Cabin Controllers, Cabin Attendants.When on board the aircraft the Cabin Attendants report to the Cabin Controllers, however all other employee related matters are managed by the Crew Manager and is viewed as the overall line manager of the Cabin Attendant.

The Cabin Attendant is the company representative on flight and interacts with the Customer on a face to face basis, addressing their concerns, problems and overall needs. They furthermore deal with Emergency related duties and are required to perform aviation medical emergency as and when required.They provide a specific service in a short time frame being driven by on-time departures.

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