Qualifying Requirements By SASSA For War Veteran’s Grant

You should apply at the SASSA office nearest to where you live. If you are too old or too sick to apply for the grant at the office you may have a friend or family member apply on your behalf. You can also arrange for a home visit, although you may wait a while for this.

The application forms must be completed in the presence of a SASSA officer. When you hand in your application you will be given a receipt as proof of application. The application is free. You will receive written notification if your application is denied.

You have the right to ask for reconsideration and you can also lodge an appeal within 90 days.

War Veteran’s Grant
The applicant:
• must be a South African citizen; or permanent resident
• must be resident in South Africa;
• must be 60 years and over or must be disabled;
• must have fought in the Second World War or the Korean War;
• and spouse must meet the requirements of the means test;
• must not be maintained or cared for in a State Institution; and
• must not be in receipt of another social grant in respect of himself or herself;
• Must submit a 13 digit bar coded identity document; the smart ID card.

Grants available at SASSA include:

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