Seta Available Job Vacancies 2020

Sector education and training authorities (SETAs) encourage skills development across South Africa’s economic sectors. There are 21 SETAs, each promoting skills development in its sector. SETAs focus on providing skills development and training to people employed or seeking employment in their sectors.

They are tasked with developing skills development plans in response to the skills needs in their sectors. They then ensure that training is of appropriate quality and at the skills levels needed. If you know the sector housing the work that interests you, you could visit the website of the SETA or contact its office to find out more about training options in that sector.
Do you fancy working for the Services Seta (SSETA)? Attached is a list of opportunities to apply for, so if you are in the marketplace for new work, take a look here at the current job vacancies.

SETA Vacancies are open periodically and you can visit the official website to know about the available vacancies.

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