The Central Supplier Database (CSD) Registration Check

The Central Supplier Database (CSD) Registration Check and other related information associated with it. The entire process for registering on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) is online.

If you started the registration process on the CSD since July 2015 then you can simply log in to and check the status of your business yourself.

Once you have started the registration process you would have received a Request number which identifies your application until the registration has been completed. You can then refer to that number later if you needed to collect missing information.

In order to obtain your Vendor Number:
1. Make sure that all tabs (pages) of the application have been completed.
2. On the Overview tab check that everything has been completed and click “Submit”
3. You will then be sent an activation email with Master Number & Unique reference number and the system will take you to a screen where this information is displayed.

If all information has been supplied this process can take place in a matter of minutes.

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