Top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore

A list of Top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore has been officially released by the Department of Basic private primary schools in Singapore | public primary schools in Singapore | ranking of primary schools in Singapore | most popular primary schools in Singapore | list of international primary schools in Singapore | top international primary schools in Singapore.

Primary education lays the foundation for a child’s academic path. Hence, many parents in Singapore find the selection of a primary school for their child a very stressful experience. For them, academic achievement is still an important marker of success. As there isn’t any official primary schools ranking (understandably so), parents are left looking for other indicators of a school’s success.

The 2017 Primary 1 Registration season leads proactive parents from all over Singapore to compete for their children to register in the nation’s most popular schools

Once again, the annual P1 registration has begun. As usual, MOE has released some statistics on the school vacancies after Phase 1, Phase 2A(1), Phase 2A(2) and the post-registration of Phase 2B.

In this article, we present our ranking of all the Top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore. This ranking is based on the number of places taken up till Phase 2B (inclusive), which we believe is a good proxy for how popular each school is.

  1. St Hilda’s Primary School

St Hilda’s Primary School

St Hilda’s Primary School is ranked as the 10th Best Primary Schools in Singapore now. St Hilda’s Primary School is competent academic institution that caters to children with cerebral palsy cases.

Part of their program is their wide range of therapies to reach out to the difficulties of their special needs students. They also let them be actively involved with sports and culture that will serve as supplementary therapy to them too.

The child-centred approach incorporated at the St Hilda’s Primary School allows each child to find a flexible schedule that allows them express their exceptionality.As an Anglican school, St Hilda’s Primary School are committed to providing a balanced development of body, mind and spirit for our pupils, to produce God-fearing citizens for our nation.

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