Unilever Job Vacancies in South Africa 2020

Unilever South Africa Limited manufactures and sells fast moving consumer goods in Ghana and internationally. It operates through Foods, Home Care, and Personal Care divisions. The Foods division offers spreads, tea and beverages, savoury, and health and wellness products.

Job Description for Boiler Operator

Job Title: Boiler Technician  

  • 1) Operates automatically fired boilers to generate steam  for the factory
  • 2)  Observes pressure, temperature, and draft meters on panel to verify specified operation of automatic combustion control systems, feed water regulators and burners.
  • 3) Turns valves and adjusts controls to set specified fuel feed, draft openings, water level, and steam pressure of boiler.
  • 5) Observes boiler and auxiliary units to detect malfunctions and makes repairs, such as changing burners and tightening pipes and fittings.
  • 6) May test and treat boiler feed water, using specified chemicals.
  • 7) May maintain log of meter and gauge readings and record data, such as water test results and quantity of fuel consumed.
  • 8) May be designated according to fuel burned, type of boilers, or class of license required.
  • 9)Operates Atlas Copco air compressors
  • 10)Carry out troubleshooting of faults on boilers/burners and predictive maintenance

Why Work For Unilever?

Unilever offers its employees many different benefits including a competitive salary, paid holidays, sick pay, health and wellness benefits and excellent career development programs.
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Please note: As part of the job application, you will be asked to complete a brief online application form. Completion of the form is required to be considered. Your application status should read “Application Completed”.
Please allow yourself enough time to complete the application form as when filled out partially or not at all it may adversely affect the progress of your application. Please be aware that you will have to complete the form at once as you will be unable to return to it later.

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