What is the Central Supplier Database (CSD) Number?

A csd number is the supplier number generated by csd for you after you have completed registrations with csd.

The csd number comes with a unique registration reference number

CSD numbers: “R” and “M” numbers

Q: If the CSD supplier number does not show on LOGIS, does it mean the supplier is not registered on the CSD?

No. It merely means that the CSD supplier number is not linked to an existing supplier yet. Please check on CSD using the CSD supplier search function.

Q: When a supplier has an MAAA number, does that mean the supplier has been vetted?

An RAAA number is the reference for registrations in process. An MAAA number means that the supplier has been registered on the CSD, but it does not mean that all supplier information has been vetted. Please do not assume that all verifications have been done – still check on the CSD.

Q: What happens if a company has a R000 number and now needs to be paid? Is this a valid number?

The R000 number refers to a supplier registration process that is not completed. Contact the supplier and request the supplier to complete the online registration process. Once the supplier has finished the registration, s/he must provide the OoS with his MAAA number.

If a supplier has difficulty in completing the process, the organ of state should try and assist the supplier by making use of the online support tools.

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